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On the outside, the newest Real Housewives of NY cast member Eboni K. Williams seems to have it all: brains, beauty, financial security, and a successful career.

But she’s not married and her love life is a complete mystery to her loyal fans.

RHONY made history by hiring Eboni, 37, as the first Black cast member in the show’s 13-year run.

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The internet wonders why Bravo picked a Black woman who has never been married and has a history of failed relationships.

Internet sleuths uncovered information that Eboni dated her childhood friend Gray Sandy, but they split up.

A Fox News fan page on Twitter suggested that Eboni is high maintenance and she can be intimidating to men. The fan page noted that Eboni was “furious” that her ex-boyfriend didn’t give her an orchid. That seems like a petty thing to some people.


The fan page even mocked Eboni, saying the “K” in Eboni K. Williams stood for “Kardashian.”

But Eboni had a ready explanation for her controlling behavior.

She replied to the tweet with a joke, saying her ex-boyfriend promised to give her the flower only to renege because the plant was too expensive.

“Only because he promised me that he would lol.. then said they were too expensive lol,” she tweeted.

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Eboni also mentioned on August 11, 2017 that she was in a “wonderful relationship.”

“I’m actually 34 years old (in sept) and I’m in a wonderful relationship.”

Eboni, who was raised by a loving single mom, compared being fatherless to an open wound.

She tweeted: “@DrStevePerry Wow! You made me realize I’ve never purchased a Father’s Day card either…amazing how unaware we are of our wounds #lifeclass”

She continued: “@G_u_r_A_MAYzing @DrStevePerry Truth!! My mother is INCREDIBLE but as fantastic as she is, she could never replace the role of father.”