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Sarasota PD

Domestic violence against men is on the rise, according to a National Family Violence Survey. But women's groups dispute the study's findings. They say the data is flawed because some of the "women" in the study were not born biological females.

They point to recent cases where journalists overuse the term "woman" to describe male-bodied individuals who have not transitioned.

The November 24 headline at the New York Post read, "Florida woman charged in machete attack wanted to be with man's wife."

The November 27 headline at read: "Woman stabs Venice man with a machete in attempt to steal his wife."

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune's headline read, "Machete-wielding Maine woman charged with attempted murder in Sarasota County."

According to The Herald:

"A Sheriff's Office arrest report states that a couple were in bed when someone broke into their home and began hitting them with an object. The husband identified his attacker as Robert Gibson, who he told police transitioned from male to female and identifies as Alana."

How many more Alanas are included in the statistics of women killing men at historically unprecedented rates?