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Nebraska State Senator Mike Groene tested positive for Covid-19 after telling reporters he wanted to contract the virus to achieve immunity.

Groene of North Platte advised other senators of his positive test in an email on Monday afternoon, the Journal Star reported.

“As you know, I finally got my wish and cont(r)acted the COVID-19 virus. As I suspected it would happen,” he wrote in the email obtained by the Journal Star.

Groene, who doesn’t wear a mask, described his symptoms as “no more than a minor flu” that lasted 10 days. He experienced night sweats, and low-grade fever of about 100 degrees for three days.

In an interview, Groene said he wanted to contract the virus and get it over with because he wanted herd immunity.

Groene said he was exposed to the virus on Oct. 23 or Oct. 27. His 10-day quarantine ended on Nov. 10.

Covid-19 causes no symptoms or flu-like symptoms in over 99% of people who contract the virus.

The American Medical Association says the U.S. needs about 200 million infected and immunized citizens before herd immunity can be achieved. There are more than 10 million positive cases currently in the United States.