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The “Great Reset” is a term that is being mentioned with increasing frequency by business leaders, politicians and globalists.

You may have heard reporters referring to it in relation to Covid-19. But what does it mean?

Canada’s Justin Trudeau recently called the Covid-19 pandemic a perfect “opportunity” to initiate the “Great Reset”.

According to Brandon Smith, author at, the Great Reset is a multi-tiered plan to ultimately control the world economy and create a cashless society by using the so-called pandemic as a rational for restrictive lockdowns and forced mask mandates to control human behavior.

Food lines are getting longer and unemployment benefits have run out. People who are hungry and desperate are more willing to submit to government control.

The Great Reset will be followed by a slow re-opening of the economy and stricter control of human behavior.

Developed countries will shift to a cashless society (no more rappers holding large stacks of cash to their ears). Money will be Digital, fully controlled and fully traceable.

Globalists hope cashless societies will create “shared equality” between people who willingly give up their rights to property ownership.

Travel will be restricted to those who carry digital wallets or chips that prove they were vaccinated or have immunity.

Over time, citizens will become acclimated to government intrusion in their everyday lives and being told when to do basic things such as going to work or to school (that’s already happening now).

As globalist Gideon Lichfield from MIT stated in his article ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’: in order to return to a normal economy, people will need to be “vaccinated against the latest virus strains.”

That means there will be more Corona strains in the future, and the restrictions that are being forced on us now will likely continue forever.

Meanwhile, the politicians who are forcing the Great Reset on us are living their lives as if there is no pandemic.

Fox 11 News in Los Angeles obtained exclusive photos of California governor Gavin Newsome dining with 11 of his friends at a Napa, California restaurant on November 6, 2020. No one wore masks and they sat shoulder to shoulder at a table.

Another diner, outraged by Newsome’s increasingly intrusive restrictions on her life, took the photos and submitted them to Fox11.

Following the backlash, Newsome apologized for his “mistake,” and he claimed he and his dinner guests were seated “outside”.

Meanwhile, the news media (who take their orders from globalists) continue to stoke fear by reporting “surging Covid-19 cases” while ignoring the fact that thousands of people are dying from the seasonal flu.

Americans are fed up with the lies and have begun to fight back.

In California and New York, local sheriffs are refusing to comply with governor’s orders to restrict travel and force lockdowns.

Over 100 protesters showed up outside the NY governor’s mansion on Wednesday night to demonstrate against Cuomo’s lockdowns, shuttered businesses and school closings.

Citizens in the UK and Germany are also resisting the tyrannical control over their lives.

They say the threat of losing their freedom, their rights and their property is a greater risk than a virus that kills less than 99.94% of people who contract it.