By Sandra Rose  | 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Actor Neil Patrick Harris says it's "sexy" for straight actors to play LGBT+ roles.

The former child star, best known for his role as Doogie Howser, M.D., is bucking the trend of shaming straight actors for playing LGBT+ roles.

He even said it can be "sexy" to cast a straight actor in same-sex relationships on the screen, according to the NY Post.

"I think there's something sexy about casting a straight actor to play a gay role — if they're willing to invest a lot into it," Harris, 47, told The Times.

Harris later explained that straight actors should do more than ghey for pay -- they should be willing to participate in steamy sex scenes with another man on-screen.

Heterosexual actor Darren Criss, who played the late fashion icon Gianni Versace, announced in 2018 that he will no longer take on roles that could be filled by LGBT+ actors.

Hollywood movie houses and TV producers say they will increase LGBT+ visibility 40% in roles in 2021.

The LGBT+ community is 6% of the U.S. population.