Photo may have been deleted

K. Michelle addressed that embarrassing butt implant malfunction video that went viral on Tuesday.

The mom-of-one was twerking to Cardi B’s “UP” on Instagram Live when one of her butt implants dislodged and slid down the back of her leg.

She attempted to catch it while smoothly ending her live session.

This morning Michelle took to explain that what viewers saw sliding down her leg was excess fat. She claims she has one last surgery next week to remove the excess fat left over from her previous surgeries.

She didn’t say why “excess fat” was sliding down her leg.

“So the video of me dancing is sad that I even have 2 explain. I walked y’all through how difficult this process of removing silicone from my body for 3YEARS/16 surgeries Did we not forget I almost died due 2 this?????? Now I’m in the process of 3 reconstruction steps.”

She followed up with:

“What u saw in the video was a happy woman with a faja and my extra fat! I’ve been very open so I can heal ladies. I didn’t have to tell anybody and I could’ve covered up until the process was done, but NO. Ladies need to see and hear the truth. I decided to use my platform to help.”

“I havent bothered anyone Ive been out of the way so What I dont understand is what was the purpose or what was so entertaining about a woman FINALLY bein able 2walk again with EXTRA fat from the removal.I saw the comments and of course it was Black women filled with so much hate.”

“I got on live yesterday and didn’t care that I wasn’t perfect, I knew I had excessive fat left over but I said FUCK it i’m not going to hide nothing in my house. I don’t think people truly understand i’m just happy to be alive. I’ve come so far with this and i’m proud of myself.”

Four years ago, the studio singer underwent multiple surgeries to remove botched “black market” silicone butt injections. At the time, she said she had the surgery to reclaim her butt the natural way.

“Surgery went well. I got my butt back the healthy way. My last butt was name Betsy, what should I name this one??????”

In the post caption, she wrote: “Haaaaaaaaaaaa, my silicone removal and reconstruction is complete. I can twerk again with the knock knees…”

Later, Michelle complained that her butt injections caused her to experience fatigue, migraines headaches and generalized leg and back pain.