Photo may have been deleted

Four years ago, studio singer K. Michelle underwent multiple surgeries to remove botched “black market” silicone butt injections. At the time she said she had the surgery to reclaim her butt the natural way.

“Surgery went well. I got my butt back the healthy way. My last butt was name Betsy, what should I name this one??????”

In the post caption, she wrote: “Haaaaaaaaaaaa, my silicone removal and reconstruction is complete. I can twerk again with the knock knees…”

Later, Michelle complained that her butt injections caused her to experience fatigue, migraines headaches and generalized leg and back pain.

She declared the silicone had spread all over her body. She wrote: “Ladies I don’t care who’s telling you what DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH YOUR BODY. Injections are illegal for a reason.”

This week, Michelle suffered an embarrassing setback when one of her butt implants slipped down her leg. She attempted to catch it while abruptly ending her live session.

Word spread like wildfire that Michelle suffered a butt implant failure on IG Live.

One Twitter user wrote, “K. Michelle gotta take them implants out.”

Another user tweeted: “Whew… I hope my booty don’t sag like dat.”

Watch the embarrassing footage below: