Photo may have been deleted

A scandal is brewing in Jamaica, after a young woman denied she is in a relationship with dancehall sensation Koffee (pictured right).

Koffee has never confirmed or denied her sexuality (at least not publicly).

The young woman, named Terri, posed for a photograph with Koffee at a popular Jamaican restaurant. The photo went viral after fans questioned if she is in a relationship with the lean, muscular rapper.

Some Jamaican blogs rudely referred to the pair as “Koffee and Creamer.”

However, Terri took to social media to deny a relationship. “I’m not her woman or nothing like that. I’m just a fan who took a pic zemii.”

She stated many fans took photos with Koffee that day, but hers is the only one that went viral.

“yea a lot of us took pictures with her the day we saw her at Sharkies but only mine seem to be sharing all over social media.”

The dancehall musician tried to convince a woman named “Fancy” to join her in lockdown in her song of the same title. Many assumed Terri was Fancy.

The song drew criticism from Jamaicans who look down on homosexuality.

“what kinda girl dress so?” wrote one disgusted fan in response to a photo of the singer wearing an oversized t-shirt and baggy pants below her waist — similar to the way men wear their pants below their butts.

Another wrote: “where’s chuck fender, gash dem and light dem.” While a third IG user wrote, “damn shame look at koffee look very disgusting.”

Koffee’s popularity is increasing globally. She recently landed an LGBT-themed ad deal with MasterCard and an underwear ad with Calvin Klein (see below).

Photo may have been deleted

Listen to Koffee “Lockdown” below.