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Wendy Williams shocked her studio audience and viewers at home when she wished death on Britney Spears‘ parents.

Wendy made the remarks during Thursday’s ‘Wendy Williams Show’ following Britney’s appearance via Zoom at a conservatorship hearing.

The pop singer asked a judge to end her father’s 13-year conservatorship over her personal and financial affairs.

Wendy showed support for Britney by condemning her parents for not giving their daughter her independence.

“How dare you, Mr. Spears. You had me fooled. And you too, Mrs. Spears. DEATH to all of them,” Wendy said, as the audience gasped.

Wendy’s remark was scrubbed from Thursday’s episode that was uploaded to the ‘Wendy Williams Show’ official YouTube channel on Thursday evening.

Social media users chastised the mom-of-one for wishing death on other parents.

One Twitter user wrote:

“You went too far, @WendyWilliams. Support #FreeBritney, but you cannot wish death to anyone. Not cool and not ground anyone has the right to stand on.”

Another user wrote:

“Giving ur opinion on the topic is 1 thing but saying “DEATH. ALL OF U.” is a BIT MUCH.”

And a third user wrote:

“Dear @WendyWilliams before you wish for the death of Mr. Spears you better apologize to Britney Spears first. You bashed brit so many times on your show, gaslit her and said she was ill in the head and she needs the cship! #FreeBritney.”

In a lighthearted moment on Friday, Wendy commented on the upcoming Bow Wow, Soulja Boy Verzuz lipsync competition.

Wendy asked her viewers to watch the Verzuz and report back to her, as she has no plans to watch the show herself.

She added:

“Then I’m gonna tune in… Sandra Rose and MediaTakeout – Fred – make sure that you post so that I can follow what is all going on. Just sayin’.”