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The suspect who shot a golf pro and two others in Kennesaw, Ga. over the weekend is still at large.

Gene Siller observed a white Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck stuck in a sand trap on the 10th hole at Pinetree Country Club golf course on Saturday.

Siller, who was the director of the country club since 2019, went over to investigate and perhaps offer assistance to the driver.

Photo may have been deleted
YouTube/11 Alive News

Club member Tom Dowling told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he watched Siller go over to the truck. “It could’ve been any of us who went up there,” said Dowling, who estimated there were 50 to 60 members in the clubhouse at the time.

Dowling told the AJC he figured the driver had suffered a medical emergency.

Dowling said he didn’t hear the gunshots that took Siller’s life, but other members heard multiple shots. Cobb County police officers found Siller’s body near the 10th hole.

The golf pro died from a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect had abandoned the truck and fled on foot before officers arrived.

“It does not appear Siller was in any way targeted, but rather was killed because he witnessed an active crime taking place,” Cobb police said in a statement on Tuesday.

When the news first broke on Saturday, July 3, police had not yet discovered the bodies of two more victims under the retractable cover in the bed of the pickup truck.

One of the victims, Paul Pierson, was the registered owner of the truck. The other victim, a Hispanic male, has not been identified.

Authorities believe the two males were victims of a carjacking at a different location.

Neither of the two victims were connected to the country club, authorities say.

Siller leaves behind his wife and two young sons. A GoFundMe page has raised nearly $600,000 in donations from around the country.

Police say the suspect, described as a Hispanic male, 6-foot-1 with long hair, is not a danger to the public.