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Bobby Brown's eldest daughter, LaPrincia Brown, recently tied the knot at an intimate wedding in Providence, Rhode Island.

LaPrincia and longtime fiancé Eddie Ray jumped the broom after dating for a decade, according to

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Wedding guests included Bobby his wife, Alicia Etheredge, and several of his six children.

Etheredge referred to LaPrincia as her "bonus daughter" in a post on Instagram.

"AMAZING #wedding #bliss #congrats to my beautiful bonus daughter and my son in law @laprinciaxo," she wrote.

LaPrincia and Eddie dated since 2011 and were engaged for a few years.

"Find you someone you can talk their ear off to & repeat the same stories but they always listen," Eddie said of LaPrincia in 2019.

LaPrincia wrote on her blog in 2016:

"Together, anything seems possible. For every doubt I have about the future, he proves there is always a way to make my dreams a reality. My fiancé gives me the strength to believe in myself, making me a better person for him and other people in my life."

La'Princia added:

"My parents were never married, but their love for me has shown me what unconditional love is. I believe I've found that. I feel safe. I can finally be myself without fear of being shamed for who I am. It's a beautiful feeling. I have a partner in life, and I'm in love with him."