Photo may have been deleted

Now we know why Darius McCrary recruited his TV mom, JoMarie Payton, to to help him deny allegations that he’s trans-attracted.

The “Family Matters” actor vigorously denied reports that he and male-to-female trans reality star Sidney Starr have the hots for each other.

Photo may have been deleted

Darius, 45, and Sidney, 32, participated in a steamy photo shoot that answered everyone’s questions about their rumored relationship.

Then, last night, another video leaked that shows Darius and Sidney locking lips.

Darius’s future wife is reportedly furious over the timing of these video leaks.

Darius and his fiancée reportedly believe Sidney is behind the leaks. They believe Sidney is desperate to disrupt Darius’ upcoming nuptials.

In a post on Instagram, Darius called out people who “be out here using and finessing good people and still getting nowhere in life.”

Photo may have been deleted

Darius, who was raised in a 2-parent household, was married three times to Juliette Merrill Vann (2005-2006); Karrine Steffans (2009-2011), and Tammy Brawner (2014-2017).

Watch the video below.