Photo may have been deleted

A cell phone video that shows an Amazon driver apparently giving a friend a lift home in his delivery truck has gone viral on social media.

The video shows a woman wearing a black cocktail dress exiting the back of an Amazon truck while the driver holds the door for her.

The video is straight forward, but speculation has run rampant on social media that the driver was not delivering a package to the woman.

According to one Twitter user, the Amazon driver was simply giving an acquaintance a ride home.

The Twitter user said the driver was being unfairly judged by Twitter users who were jumping to conclusions.

Others shared their concerns for the driver’s job in these challenging times. Some said he might get fired for being a Good Samaritan.

The video was originally posted to TikTok by user @patrickhook01 who gave no context to what was happening in the video.

One Twitter user wrote:

“You can’t get away with anything in this century with all the technology lmao. Dude is definitely getting questioned or getting fired.”