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Netflix laid off dozens of employees, including nearly the entire staff of Black, Latina and Asian women at internal fan blog, Tadum.

The move came after Netflix reported disappointing first quarter earnings and a loss of over 200,000 subscribers.

Netflix's stock price cratered from a high of $700 a share a year ago to a low of $185 per share last week.

Former Netflix employees took to Twitter.com last week to complain about the company's broken promises.

One former staffer tweeted:

"still processing that netflix recruited me from my union job of SIX YEARS... with the promise of new opportunities and a diverse team, only to lay me off months later with TWO WEEKS severance..."

Another former employee wrote:

"Uh oh! Looks like I have to do this tweet again. Is anyone hiring? Netflix just laid off my team (my job included). It was an incredible few months and I'm grateful for it but I'm stoked about whatever's next. Email is in bio."

In addition to shedding employees, Netflix canceled nearly all of its animated series, including Meghan Markle's animated series "Pearl".

"Pearl" is among several animation projects that were cut.

One show to survive the chopping block is a documentary nature series narrated by former President Barack Obama.

Netflix announced a multiyear deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to create original content for the streaming service last year.

Young Thug

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Rapper Young Thug wants people to stop having children until they improve their situation in life.

The "Money" rapper theorizes that the high crime rate in Atlanta is caused by "broke people" bringing poor children into the world.

In a new video, Thugga said:

"God needs to set some rules, bro. We need new rules. We need a new oath, bro. If you dead broke. If you a broke a** ni**a, you should not be able to n*t 'cause you bringing poor kids into this world..."

Rather than blaming women for sleeping with broke bad boys, Thug blames the males directly.

"You making ni**as rob and kill 'cause you runnin' around with no type of career, no nothing, having kids. Now yo' kids growing up wanting sh*t."

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Screencap: YouTube

Thug, who has 6 kids by four baby mamas, said broke men who work check to check should "adjust" to their situation in life.

"Your kids growing up looking at Thug and his game. When you ain't got nothing... Your job don't got nothing to do with what you went to school for, you got to adjust to whatever a ni**a do for you. You can't want top tier situations and you the bottom of the barrel."

Thugga also said women should lower their standards and stop being picky.

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Photo may have been deleted


A cell phone video that shows an Amazon driver apparently giving a friend a lift home in his delivery truck has gone viral on social media.

The video shows a woman wearing a black cocktail dress exiting the back of an Amazon truck while the driver holds the door for her.

The video is straight forward, but speculation has run rampant on social media that the driver was not delivering a package to the woman.

According to one Twitter user, the Amazon driver was simply giving an acquaintance a ride home.

The Twitter user said the driver was being unfairly judged by Twitter users who were jumping to conclusions.

Others shared their concerns for the driver's job in these challenging times. Some said he might get fired for being a Good Samaritan.

The video was originally posted to TikTok by user @patrickhook01 who gave no context to what was happening in the video.

One Twitter user wrote:

"You can't get away with anything in this century with all the technology lmao. Dude is definitely getting questioned or getting fired."


Robert Johnson

BET founder Bob Johnson says President Trump's economy is bringing black people back into the workforce. In an appearance on CNBC's "Sqauwk Box" on Friday, Johnson praised Trump's efforts in growing the U.S. economy and improving the business environment through his tax reform bill.

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