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Ladies, this post is for the men. You are welcome to lurk.

A reader requested this post after I commented on Hello Beautiful‘s post titled “11 Black Men Who Could Have Been This Year’s Sexiest Man Alive.”

Hello Beautiful was disappointed that PEOPLE magazine, which caters to a majority white audience, picked a white actor as this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

It probably didn’t dawn on Hello Beautiful that Black men graced the last three ‘Sexiest Man’ covers.

The following women were chosen for this post because they are intelligent Black women who are successful in their chosen fields. Our community needs good role models for our young women.

Without further ado, check out‘s 11 Black Women Who Could Have Been This Year’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

1. Dyesha Jador (Instagram model)


2. Brooke Valentine (Influencer)


3. Jade Cargill (Wrestler)


4. Shalom Blac (Interior decorator)


5. Sydney Seethal (Instagram model)


6. Rom’nya Akia (Artist/CEO/model)


7. Itsjustnife (Dancer)


8. Tanita Dee (Web designer)


9. Sese Meslayy (Makeup artist)


10. Phaith Montoya (Instagram model)


11. Leslie Sidora (Fashion model)