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‘Woke’ Apple Music infuriated social media users by referring to singer Summer Walker as a “female-identifying” artist.

Social media users were offended by the term “female-identifying” which is typically a term used to describe people whose identity differs from their biological sex.

Apple Music recognized Summer’s second studio album, Still Over It, as the “biggest album debut ever by a female-identifying artist.”

Black Twitter was confused because a person who is “female-identifying” is someone who was born a biological male and who now identifies as a female. An example would be a male-to-female transgender.

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Summer Walker has never been ambiguous about her sex. She certainly doesn’t look like a male. The R&B singer has never indicated that she was born in the wrong body or that she believed she was a male.

Black Twitter had questions.

One Twitter user wrote: “Female identifying? What’s wrong with calling her what she is A WOMAN!!!”

Another tweeted: “Why are you referring to Summer Walker, a black woman, as “female identifying” when you just referred to Taylor Swift as a “first woman”? …newsflash both of these artists are women and female. Neither word is a dirty word.”

And a third person wrote: “Female-identifying? Why tf did you word it like that? That’s disrespectful. She’s a woman, acknowledge her as such.”