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Toronto rap legend Pressa (right) sparked a firestorm when he claimed Black Americans “don’t have no culture.”

Pressa is best known in America for dating rapper Benzino‘s daughter, fellow rapper Coi Leray (left).

The 25-year-old, who recently dropped his 2020 EP Gardner Express, made the observations about Black Americans in tweets this week.

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“Americans got no culture their biggest culture is Hip Hop mtfs dont even know what island they from they just BLACK like the color [black square emoji][crying laughing emoji].”

The delicate rapper, who is sometimes confused for a girl, went on to say:

“N*ggas be like im BLACK no n*gga u built like a mtf Nigerian [black square emoji][black circle emoji].”

Pressa’s views are shared by Africans, Caribbeans and Black Brits who turn their noses up at Black Americans.

The response from Black Americans was defensive and apologetic. One Twitter user told Pressa, “Well thank slavery for that.”