JIM WATSON / AFP via Getty Images

The Biden administration plans to mail 500 million free Coronavirus test kits to every home as Omicron “cases” surge.

Pres. Joe Biden plans to hold a press conference around 1 p.m. EST Tuesday to explain his plan to curb the spread of the latest coronavirus variant.

According to press reports, Biden will not mention lockdowns or new restrictions, but he is going ahead with plans to distribute half a billion test kits.

The number of Covid-19 “cases” are expected to rise dramatically once the kits are distributed.

Biden will also deploy more federal health resources to aid strained hospitals, according to the Washington Post.

Rumors spread over the weekend that Biden planned to announce more lockdowns to stop the spread of the mild Omicron variant.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters there will be no lockdowns. She said Biden will be “direct and clear with the American people about the benefits of being vaccinated, the steps we’re going to take to … increase testing, and the risks posed to unvaccinated individuals.”

“We know how to protect people from severe illness,” the White House said in a statement previewing the speech. “We have the tools needed to do it.”

The White House previously warned that unvaccinated people — who have managed to survive Covid for 2 years — will face death or severe illness this winter due to the mild Omicron variant.
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