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A report on the Cook County State’s Attorney’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case found misconduct and “operational mistakes” by top prosecutor Kim Foxx.

The report written by Special Prosecutor Dan Webb was made public by a judge on Monday.

“I do believe that getting my report helps restore the public’s confidence in our criminal justice system,” Webb said. “That is what I was asked to do. I have done it and now I am glad the report is going to be released.”
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The report found that Foxx made “operational mistakes” when she initially dropped felony charges against Smollett.

Webb poured through emails, texts, phone records and television news interviews to determine whether Foxx used her office to grant special favors to Smollett.

The special prosecutor’s report found misleading and false statements by Foxx, including stating that Smollett had no criminal background. He reportedly lied about a DUI and got 24 months of probation.

In an op-ed to the Chicago Tribune, Foxx claimed she didn’t have enough evidence to secure a conviction against the disgraced actor. “The likelihood of securing a conviction was uncertain.”

In a phone call to Smollett’s sister on Feb. 13, 2019, Foxx allegedly said: “Your brother should be fine as long as he stays consistent.”

Foxx, a Democrat, previously said she cut off communications with Smollett’s sister.

Webb’s report concluded his investigation “did not develop evidence that would support any criminal charges against State’s Attorney Foxx or any individual working at the CCSAO.”

A jury found Smollett guilty on 5 felony counts of disorderly conduct for lying to Chicago police about a fake hate crime in January 2019.

Judge James Linn set a post-trial hearing for Jan. 27, 2022. According to the NY Post, Smollett will likely receive less than a year in prison and 5 years probation upon his release.