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Jefferson Parish Sheriff

A Louisiana man was arrested for pretending to be handicapped to trick unsuspecting babysitters into changing his diaper.

Rutledge Deas IV, 31, was arrested on Thursday at his Metairie, Louisiana home after soliciting someone for “alternative therapy.” Police say Deas urged the victim to recruit other babysitters to care for him while posing as a person with special needs.

Deas was charged with one count of human trafficking and one count of attempted human trafficking.

He was previously arrested in 2019 for “hiring babysitters who he would pay to change his diaper and treat him like a child.” He was subsequently placed on probation in December 2020 after pleading guilty to 4 counts of human trafficking.

Deas apparently has a diaper fetish, also known as adult baby syndrome. People with that affliction wear diapers as a form of sexual gratification.