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Marques Houston and his wife Miya welcomed their first child, a daughter named Zara.

Marques is best known as a member of the kiddie R&B group Immature/IMx and his role as Roger on Sister, Sister.

The “You Got Served” actor shared a photo of his adorable daughter on Instagram.

“Miya chose the name Zara because she just felt like it was exotic. No special reason,” Houston told Us Weekly.

“She just wanted our girl to have a memorable name that wasn’t the average name. It still feels surreal, like, it hasn’t set in yet that we are actually not just babysitting one of our friends’ kids. But not getting any sleep definitely reminds us that we are now parents.”

Marques, 40, was in his mid-30s when he met and wooed teenager Miya.

He caught a lot of flack for his May-December romance, but fans eventually forgave him.

The middle-aged star wrote a message to the 21-year-old first-time mom:

“Beauty in rare form. A child is such a blessing from Jehovah. A woman’s body is such an amazing creation to be able to carry a full human. I love you Miya, my wife, my rock, my baby mama.. to watch you carry our child was nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Jehovah for our blessing!”