Photo may have been deleted

Remember when rumormongers claimed NeNe Leakes had a young sidepiece last year? It seems the rumors were true.

The 54-year-old mother of two was exposed by a young man who claims he dusted her lower room while her husband, Gregg Leakes, was ill with cancer.

Temper Boi, a barbershop owner, claims he woke up next to a satisfied NeNe every morning for months. And he is highly upset that she curbed him.

The news comes after NeNe went public with businessman, Nyoni Sioh, her alleged boyfriend. But rumors are swirling that Nyoni is married and only using NeNe for publicity.
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Temper Boi vowed to tell all after NeNe posted photos of herself vacationing with Nyoni in the Bahamas over the weekend.

Check out these rude comments about Temper Boi from Rhymes with Snitch:

“He looks old and young at the same time. He also looks male and female at the same time. I’m confused.”

“It just seems like the story is really this dude is a Ma’am.”

“Young man looks like a transformed lady.”

“That’s a transgender man.”

“That young person looks like a dyke, post op????”

“That’s a trans nicca.”

“How much Nene pay you to make this dumb sh1t up lil boi?”

“These 2 need their own ‘transformers’ situation comedy. If that’s a born male, I foot race you too the moon.”