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Former President Donald Trump lost more supporters after his exclusive sit-down interview with conservative activist Candace Owens.

In addition to taking credit for fast-tracking the mRNA vaccines ahead of schedule, Trump turned his back on his supporters who reject the vaccines.

When Owens suggested “more people have died” since the mRNA vaccines became available, Trump rejected that theory.

“No, the vaccine worked, but some people aren’t taking it,” Trump insisted.

“The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take their vaccine.”

He continued: “If you take the vaccine, you’re protected,” and he claimed the vaccinated who do test positive for Covid-19 have “a very minor form” of the infection.

He contradicted the CDC’s adverse event database (VAERS) that shows over 20,000 people have died from vaccine injuries.

“People aren’t dying when they take their vaccine,” Trump said.

Later, Trump thanked Pres. Joe Biden for crediting him with fast-tracking the vaccine to market.

Trump told Fox News he was “very appreciative” of Biden’s comments during his Omicron speech this week. “It has to be a process of healing in this country,” Trump said, “and that will help a lot.”

Trump, who was hospitalized as a precaution after testing positive for the virus in 2020, has since received a third booster dose.

Owens later tweeted:

“I don’t know why but the idea that everyone who is unvaccinated is going to die over these next 12 weeks unless we do what Joe Biden says is objectively funny to me.”

In the video teaser below, Trump reveals what he would change if he was still president.