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Atlanta PD

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens’ former chief of staff, Ali Carter, is looking for a new job.

Dickens was sworn in on January 1 — days after Carter was arrested for making terroristic threats.

Carter was on an American Airlines flight on Dec. 29 when officers boarded the plane with an arrest warrant from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

He looked up from his seat on the plane and informed officers that he was the new Atlanta mayor’s chief of staff, according to Fox5 Atlanta.

Carter: “Do you know who I am?”

Officer: “Yeah, Ali.”

Carter: “Do you know my job?”

Officer: “No.”

Carter: “I’m chief of staff to Andre Dickens.”

Officer: “OK, well you still have a warrant for your arrest.”

Carter was cuffed then taken to a local police precinct where officers confirmed the warrant with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

The warrant stemmed from a domestic incident in 2020 involving his ex-wife, who told police Carter threatened her boyfriend for disciplining their child.

Carter allegedly called his ex-wife and told her he would empty his AR-15 if the boyfriend ever touched his child again. The phone call was recorded, police said.

Carter was booked into the Douglas County Jail and has since bonded out.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Dickens was elected Atlanta’s 61st mayor after winning the runoff election against Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore last month.

A spokesperson for the City of Atlanta confirmed Carter “is not part of the Mayor’s administration and is no longer an employee of the City of Atlanta.”