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Famed French twins Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff died days apart in a Paris hospital. They were 72.

The Bogdanoffs were admitted to the hospital in critical condition on the same day in December. They were diagnosed with Covid-related pneumonia.

Grichka, the younger twin, died in the ICU on December 28. Igor passed away on Monday, Jan. 3, according to a family source.

The source told the French media outlet Le Monde that the twins were unvaccinated.


Despite their otherworldly appearances, the twins insisted they were all natural and repeatedly denied plastic surgery allegations.

After studying applied mathematics and physics at the Institute of Political Science, the twins rose to fame as television presenters, writers, and producers of Temps X, from 1979 to the mid-80s.

The brothers began working toward their doctorates in 1993 and graduated with the lowest possible grade. They later claimed to have genius level IQs.

Physics papers the brothers wrote were later debunked by the scientific community.

When asked why the brothers received degrees when they apparently were not qualified, their adviser, Dr. Daniel Sternheimer, told the New York Times in 2002, “These guys worked for 10 years without pay. They have the right to have their work recognized with a diploma, which is nothing much these days.”

The Bogdanoff twins were descendants of German and Austrian royalty. Their grandfather, Roland Hayes, was the first Black American to find worldwide fame as a classical musician.

The twins were discovered by in 2015. They became crypto memes after their unfounded claims that they developed the source code for Bitcoin.

A French editor told news website Decrypt that Igor and Grichka “are equivalent to a scientific version of the Kardashian family.”

Igor leaves behind six children from his first marriage and two from his second.