By Sandra Rose  | 


Cardi B stepped out for date night with her husband Offset at Nobu restaurant in West Hollywood, Ca. on Wednesday.


The mom-of-two dressed casually in an oversized black Gucci puffer coat, an oversized white hoodie and black slip-on mule heels.


After leaving the restaurant, Cardi B paused to sign an autograph for a fan, then she posed for a photo with the fan. Watch the video below.

Offset made sure Valentine's Day 2022 was a day for Cardi B to remember. Her designer gifts included six Chanel bags and an Audemars Piguet timepiece that retails for $375,000. Cardi showed off her pricey Valentine's gifts on Instagram.

Cardi's fans are critical of her for focusing on making money instead of music. This month, she's launching a vodka-infused whipped cream line called Whipshots in partnership with Starco Brands.


She responded to the criticism, saying, "Sometimes people are like, 'Cardi's not focused on her music. She's just trying to make money with all these partnerships and business stuff."

"That is not true. I am focused on my music, but I have to make sure that I make a future for my kids. I always have a fear that, God forbid, you never know if something happens to me I want them to be set. God forbid, when something happens to people they have to wait for music to sell, I want my kids — if something happens to me, they've got money coming from music, they've got a little money coming from here because I have equity there. They've got money coming from there because I have equity here."

She added:

"At the end of the day, it's for my future as well. Not everybody remains hot forever. Sh-t slows down. Especially with this cancel culture you never know when people decide to cancel you because you said some sh-t so I gotta secure my future."