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Gas prices average $5 in California and $4 per gallon nationwide since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Many states have seen gas prices spike 50 cents - the highest hike since 2008.

Crude oil prices are nearing $130 a barrel because of supply chain issues.

The news comes as White House advisers weigh sending Pres. Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil production.

White House officials are in Venezuela to meet with President Nicolás Maduro's advisers to plead for Venezuela's oil to replace Russia's oil.

The U.S. government is reportedly paying Russia $75 million per day for oil.

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On his first day in office, Biden shut down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline so the U.S. could purchase oil from Russia and the Middle East.

Construction on the Keystone XL pipeline began in the U.S. in 2012. The pipeline runs from Alberta, Canada to oil refineries in Illinois and Texas. It was only partly operational before Biden shut it down.

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Republicans renewed their criticism of the Biden administration for relying on foreign oil rather than our own domestic oil production.

Former Vice President Mike Pence called on Biden to restart construction on the Keystone pipeline as energy prices soar.

Analysts are warning Americans to prepare for $7 gas prices on the West Coast and $6 per gallon nationally.