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Photo may have been deleted


Update: The nurse's name was misspelled in the police report. An RN with the correctly spelled name is licensed in the state of Kansas. She reportedly works as a traveling nurse at an Atlanta hospital.
Originally published on May 7, 2022:

Mystery surrounds the 32-year-old "nurse" who was with Kevin Samuels when he died on Thursday morning.

On Friday several media outlets published a police report revealing the woman's name as O.A. She claimed she met the relationship guru on Wednesday evening and spent the night with him.

O.A. told police that Samuels awoke around 6 a.m. Thursday and complained of chest pain before losing consciousness and collapsing on top of her.

Photo may have been deleted


He was pronounced dead on arrival at Piedmont Hospital.

A search of social media platforms turned up dozens of women with the name O.A.

However, one IG user with the same name identified herself as a 32-year-old RN in Atlanta.

The person used a stolen photo of an Instagram model as her profile pic. Why would an RN do that?

A commenter on a popular message board claims the woman is a traveling RN from Kansas who works at a hospital here in Atlanta. But a search of the Kansas Board of Nursing does not turn up that name as an RN or LPN.

Also, there is no license under that name in Georgia, Florida, Alabama or Tennessee. She has to be licensed temporarily in Georgia if she works at a hospital here.

Did the police ask for identification to confirm who the woman said she was?

Why isn't she licensed anywhere if she is a nurse?

So many questions.