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Coco Austin doesn’t care what you think. The curvaceous mom of one showed off her enviable figure in an impossibly tiny bikini on Instagram.

Her confident 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, wore a matching bikini while spending quality time with her mom at Bahaha Bay Water Park.

Coco captioned the images:

“People ask if we’ll ever get sick of matching… the answer is no!! We both love it too much been doing since Chanel was born

She also tagged the designer of her and Chanel’s bikinis – “by- @sugardollllz.”

Coco’s 3 million followers acknowledged that few 43-year-old women can fill out a bikini like she can.

Their reaction was a complete 360 from earlier this week.

Coco was slammed by Instagram followers after she posted a photo of an exhausted Chanel sitting in a baby stroller that was too small for her.

Coco captioned the image:

“A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops. Chanel is so over it unless theres something cool to see. Her face transitions instantly.”

One person wrote: “Let her grow up.”

Coco lashed out at her followers, writing:

“Oh lord!! Really people? The world loves to criticize literary [sic] everything i do! Isnt there a war & mass shootings going as we speak & you’d rather mess with my mothering? SMH.”

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