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Total chaos erupted as cryptocurrency investors saw their life savings wiped out overnight.

More than $1 trillion was lost from the cryptocurrency market due to massive sell-off this week. Over $200 billion was lost in a single day.

Bitcoin dipped below $26,000 before rallying to around $29,000 on Thursday.

Both Bitcoin and ethereum, its closes rival, are down 30% in the past 7 days, according to reports.

Shares of Coinbase dipped Wednesday after the company said its revenue fell 27% from a year ago.

Small investors who bet their life savings in cryptocurrency are among the hardest hit.

One Luna crypto investor lost his entire life savings ($488,000 USD) when the cryptocurrency crashed 98% overnight.

“I will lose my home soon. I’ll become homeless,” he wrote in a post on the TerraLuna sub-Reddit. Hundreds of Redditors posted similar stories in other subs.

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One Reddit sub locked new posts after users expressed suicidal thoughts.

Terra Luna was among the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world until it dipped below $1 on Wednesday from a peak of $120 just last month.

The Terra Luna crash sparked the massive crypto market sell-off this week.