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Lauderdale County Sheriff

Vicky and Casey White’s lover’s hideaway is a hot destination spot for curiosity seekers who want to stay where the fugitive couple spent their last days on the run.

The Indiana motel room has a long waiting list, according to the NY Post.

US Marshals tracked the fugitive couple to the motel and the couple led them on a brief high speed chase. Vicky shot herself after law enforcement forced the car she was driving into a ditch.

If you want to rent room 150 at the Motel 41 in Evansville, there are at least 70 people ahead of you.

A motel clerk told WAAY News that the ground floor room normally rents for $63 a night. But now, because of the high demand, it’s going for $75 to $100 a night.

On Sunday, 25 people called to rent the room and were told to get in line.

The clerk said the room doesn’t have a number on the door because someone stole it.

The demand is so great that some people chose to rent the adjoining rooms – so those rooms also have waiting lists.

Photo may have been deleted
Lauderdale County Sheriff

The modern day Bonnie & Clyde became household names after Vicky helped Casey to escape from an Alabama jail in April. Law enforcement caught up to them 11 days later.

Before she died, Vicky reportedly yelled at Casey, “You had to stay in a motel!”