Photo may have been deleted
Lauderdale County Sheriff

Vicky White’s ex-mother-in-law fears she may not be alive after she helped Casey Cole White escape from an Alabama jail.

Frances White expressed concern that the murder suspect has “done something” to the former corrections officer.

“I just can’t picture Vicky running off with that man,” she said. “Vicky was a person who kept all of her thoughts and troubles to herself.”

Vicky White, 56, was in charge of corrections officers at the Lauderdale County Jail in Florence, Alabama, when she helped Cole White, 38, escape.

She has since been fired and she will lose her pension.

Vicky reportedly sold her home about a month before the April 29 escape. Officials say she bought a 2007 Ford Edge SUV the week before the escape.

According to Fox News, Vicky White and Casey Cole White, who are not related, were in phone contact with each other for the 2 years that he was housed at William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama.

Cole White confessed to a 2015 murder Connie Ridgeway, 58, while he was an inmate at the Donaldson facility. He was transferred from the Donaldson facility to the Lauderdale facility in 2020 and was awaiting trial.

The two met there and developed a romantic relationship. They maintained phone contact for 2 years after he returned to the Donaldson jail in 2000.

He was transferred back to the Lauderdale jail in February for a court appearance. That’s when they allegedly plotted his escape.

Photo may have been deleted
Lauderdale County Sheriff

On Friday morning, Vicky allegedly told jail staff she was taking the prisoner to the county courthouse for a mental evaluation and she planned to see a doctor for an appointment.

Jail policy requires two corrections officers to accompany inmates on doctor’s appointments.

She allegedly told colleagues the other officers would meet her at the courthouse and that she was the only one carrying a gun.

Her marked patrol car was found abandoned at a shopping center about 10 minutes from the jail.