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American Airlines denies allegations that an Instagram model was booted off a plane because of her massive breasts.

The busty woman — who calls herself Mary Magdalene on Instagram — says she got the boot from a flight because of her oversized knockers.

However, sources at the airline tell TMZ she doesn’t have her facts straight.

Mary claims American Airlines ejected her from the plane because of a revealing tank top she wore on a flight from Canada to the U.S.

However, sources at AA tell TMZ that flight attendants noticed Mary sitting in several different seats before takeoff — seats that she didn’t purchase tickets for.

It’s customary for some airlines to ask morbidly obese passengers to purchase more than one seat for their own comfort and safety.

Sources tell TMZ that American Airlines employees believed Mary was intoxicated and she seemed unstable. So flight attendants and the captain asked Mary to leave the plane — and she left without incident.

TMZ obtained video of Mary strolling around the airport holding a large plastic cup, but it isn’t clear if the cup contained an alcoholic beverage.

Airline officials were surprised at Mary’s different version of the events that day.

Mary claims she was thrown off the plane for being “too explicit” in an impossibly tiny tank top that barely covered her 22 lb. boobs.

Mary says she eventually got booked on a different flight, but she claims the entire incident was “disgusting and dehumanizing” — and insists she’s going to sue American Airlines.

Question: Who do you believe?

Watch the video below.