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The Charlotte Hornets declined to offer Miles Bridges a max contract after he uploaded an image of himself allegedly drinking lean and smoking weed.

According to reports, Bridges demanded a max contract after he was the team’s highest scorer during his breakout 2021-22 season.

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A max contract would include over $30 million per season and bonuses for Bridges. But reports are that the Hornets refused to pay a max contract to a possible junkie.
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According to TPS, Bridges’ actions off the court made it easier for the Hornets to make their decision.

“The 24-year-old Charlotte Hornets player posted on his Instagram Stories featuring a joint and a styrofoam cup with pink/purple-ish colored liquid inside.”

Bridges captioned a June 6 tweet “Pink lemonade” before deleting it.

Lean, also called purple drank, is a mixture of prescription codeine cough syrup, a soft drink and hard candy in a styrofoam cup.

“He’s not being offered, from what I’m told, a max contract from the Charlotte Hornets right now,” said Brian Windhorst via ESPN. “So, he’s going to go out into the market place, starting on Thursday or Friday, and see if he can get that offer from somewhere else.”

Bridges was ejected for hitting a young fan in the face with his mouthguard during a game against the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on April 13, 2022 in Atlanta.