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Twitter /Jeannette Taylor

A single mom’s application for affordable housing for herself and her son was finally approved — 29 years after she applied.

Alderwoman Jeannette Taylor tweeted her approval letter from the Chicago Housing Authority on May 31.

The letter was dated May 20, 2022. Taylor said she first applied for affordable housing in 1993.

She captioned her post:

“I first applied for an affordable housing voucher in 1993.

I finally got a call back in 2004 to tell me my son who just graduated high school couldn’t be on my lease.

Today in 2022 I finally got a letter telling me I made it to the top of the waiting list. I have no words.”

Taylor followed up in another tweet:

“29 years. I have no words for how this system continues to fail our communities and those in need of stable, AFFORDABLE housing. In those 29 years the housing crisis in Chicago has only gotten worse.

“This is my lived experience this is what keeps me in this fight. NO ONE should have to wait 29 years to get what should be a basic right in the richest country in the world.”

An organization called “Bring Chicago Home” tweeted: “We cannot agree more! There are no words but say it again” along with the hashtags: #failedsystem #Chicago #HousingForAll #affordablehousing #BringChicagoHome.

According to Taylor’s Twitter bio, she is a “Mother. Alderwoman Chicago 20th Ward. Grassroots Organizer. Dyett Hunger Striker. When you bring the community with you, you can’t go wrong.”