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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are back on the market. A source revealed they went their separate ways after dating for 2 years.

The source tells ET Online! The Kardashians star and the Phoenix Suns guard broke up after going public in April 2020.


“Kendall feels like they’re on different paths,” the source told ET Online. Another insider said that they “have had discussions about their future but they are not on the same page.”
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Fans noticed their body language was off during the NBA’s 2021-22 regular season. They rarely held hands, and when they did, she led him around like a lost child.

Body language refers to a person’s gestures or body position that communicates nonverbally with others.


Devin clearly knew who was in charge in the relationship. He didn’t seem to mind Kendall taking the lead.

That may be because Devin was raised by an independent single mom in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Devin’s father, who is Black, played professional basketball overseas. Little Devin visited his dad every summer in Europe where his father was playing.

When Devin’s father retired from pro ball, his teenage son moved in with him in Mississippi where his father coached him at Moss Point High School.