Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker dined with friends, Justin and Hailey Bieber, at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, CA.

Twitter users noted Kendall and Devin’s body language and concluded their relationship won’t survive the test of time.


They say a real man would never allow a woman to take his hand and lead him around like a child.

Body language is the facial expression, gestures or body position that communicates nonverbally with others.


In these photos taken outside the restaurant, it is clear who is in charge in their relationship. Kendall exerts masculine dominance over the timid NBA superstar. It is easy to see that he is intimidated by her. She is in charge and he is just along for the ride — until she kicks him to the curb.


In this photo, Devin is slouching as he is being led around by his dominant partner.

Body language experts say slouching is a sign of apathy, lack of interest, and indifference. Devin clearly knows who is in charge. He doesn’t mind allowing a woman to lead him.


In this closeup of their hands, Devin is holding one of her fingers. Body language experts say holding fingers only is a sign of a more casual relationship.

“It’s more of a teaser testing type of relationship where both partners must have their own space and where neither of them want to be fully committed as [they’re still] in an exploring state,” Traci Brown tells Elite Daily.

She added: “There are, of course, signs of more dominance if your partner is cupping over your hand, or squeezing indicates they prefer to be always right and in charge.”

Devin was raised by his single mom in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

His father, who is Black, played professional basketball overseas. Little Devin visited his dad every summer in Europe where his father was playing.

When Devin’s father retired from pro ball, his teenage son moved in with him in Mississippi where his father coached him at Moss Point High School. By then it was too late for his father to influence his son’s formative years.