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Chicago police were called to the home of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx after her husband called 911 to report she assaulted him.

Police were summoned to the south suburban home by Kelley Foxx who reported that Kim Foxx had battered him during a domestic incident at 10:09 p.m. Saturday, according to CWBChicago.

“While en route to the address, dispatch informed us the domestic was physical and there were no injuries ‘yet,'” an officer wrote.

When police arrived at the residence, Kim and Kelley Foxx were standing on the front porch. Police separated the combatants to get their side of the story.

Kelley Foxx said Kim Foxx “got mad about something that was posted on Facebook that he did,” an officer wrote.

Kim Foxx “became physical” when he refused to leave, according to the police report.

Kelley Foxx told police that his wife blocked his exit from a bathroom, grabbed his collar, and threw his video game controller when he tried to play a video game.

“He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his and threw the controller,” the report continued.

Kim Foxx apparently overheard what her husband was telling the officer and yelled, “All that is true,” an officer wrote.

Kelley Foxx said his wife slapped him on his left cheek, but officers did not observe any marks, prompting Kelley Foxx to say he “just wants to be left alone,” according to the report.

“She can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me,” police quoted Kelley as saying.

He allegedly told the officer “he wanted to make sure someone understands what is happening here,” meaning that he’s a victim of ongoing domestic violence.

“He added that he just wanted it to stop,” the office wrote.

Kim and Kelley Foxx are pictured with their four daughters.

The couple’s 19-year-old daughter told cops that she only heard a disagreement and did not see anything.

No arrests were made and the Kelleys chose to remain in the home Saturday night.

When an officer asked Kim Foxx if she felt safe in the home, she reportedly answered, “I mean, he’s not crazy.”
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