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“Ken”, a retired military man and single father, recalled his disastrous first date on Bravo TV’s “Love Match Atlanta.”

His date interrogated him about arriving in an Uber, and she demanded to know if he was willing to get a vasectomy.

Ken said it was the worst date of his life!

Love Match Atlanta‘s first season follows successful matchmakers who use their unique skills to help high-profile women find love.

According to Bravo’s website, the matchmakers “balance the drama in their own lives as they find love for high-profile singles who are on the hunt for the ultimate relationship and willing to pay top dollar.”

In episode 7, matchmaker Shae Primus’ client, her sorority sister, proves to be a major challenge.

Twitter user @JohnReads writes:

“Ladies and gentlemen this is what chasing your career and getting too old for the dating market looks like. She’s callused, manly [overly assertive]. She said to that brother ‘You’re on the clock.’ She’s looking for a subordinate, lol.”

He added:

“She had no emotional intelligence in knowing that he was uncomfortable during that time. No self awareness: Me, me, me, me…”

Twitter user @bigmoneypiccaso writes:

“She’s a solid 2, grilling dude like this!… Yeah she needs to buy a dog, she dying single.”

Watch the video below.