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Karrine Steffans is distancing herself from African Americans, also known as American descendants of African slaves.

In posts on her Instagram page, Karrine explained that she is a cornucopia of ethnicities with good hair. “I am literally not like you in any way,” she writes.

Karine posted images of her jet black bone straight hair and she asked her Black followers not to compare themselves to her:

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“This is my natural hair. No pieces. No wig. No chemicals. Just f-cking hair. Blow dried and pressed at the root only. Bangs have been slightly curled. I don’t have nappy, coily hair. I’m a mixed breed Caribbean woman – Puerto Rican, Danish, French and Jamaican. Versions of Black and white. I am literally not like you in any way, so you’ve gotta stop expecting me to have hair just like yours and assuming my shit can’t be real.”

She concluded: “No makeup. No wig, And I’m killing y’all STILL at almost 44 years old. Don’t talk to me. Talk to your therapist.”

The 43-year-old Virgin Islands native is known for her best-selling “Vixen” books that describes in graphic details what she subjected herself to as a popular video vixen.

Unlike previous tell-all books, Karrine’s Vixen books named names – and she made a name for herself in the process.

She is dubbed “Superhead” thanks to her unique oral skills, which earned Karrine an appearance in one of Jay-Z’s music videos at age 21.