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More young men are speaking out publicly about their disapproval of hair weave and wigs. Black women have been wearing hair extensions and lacefront wigs exclusively for decades.

Natural hair care forums are still around, but their numbers are dwindling as more women choose weaves.

A recent poll shows nearly 90% of Black women say they wear weave or lacefront wigs.

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Some men are speaking out on manosphere forums. A majority of men on one forum agree that women wear hair weave to impress each other – not to impress men.

One man who recently got out of a 9 year relationship says he’s struggling to find a Black woman who doesn’t wear weave and heavy makeup.

“Ive never been a fan of heavy makeup and weaves but they are in abundance out here and on these apps,” he wrote. “I’ve met a lot of women so far but only clicked with one so far… but im struggling getting past the weaves and heavy make up… am I wrong?”

One man responded, “I can’t do weaves. I like my women natural,” while others expressed their dislike of weave.

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One commenter took a different approach, saying the OP was “missing out on some quality Black women” by focusing on their hair.

“Without a doubt you are missing out on some quality black women if weaves and extensions are a deal breaker. It’s culturally ingrained at this point. I see less blonde and Indian hair type weaves today from black women than I was seeing ten years ago. They tend to be textured appropriately and a lot of women look great with the right style. The box braids are going to destroy a lot of edges though, but I’d be okay with weaves so long as it looked tasteful and she actually took care of her real hair.”