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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky stepped out for a late-night dinner in New York on Sunday, July 24.

The couple returned to New York after she attended his performance at Lollapalooza in Paris, France.

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Rihanna rocked a Jean Paul Gaultier bustier and matching leggings with a three quarter length black faux leather coat.

ASAP wore navy blue shorts with a matching Raf Simons blazer. He accessorized with a Phantom Warrior Lanes t-shirt and a pair of Oakley wingtip golf shoes.

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ASAP explained how he finds pieces for his eclectic wardrobe in an interview with GQ magazine.

"I like when it's just like a treasure hunt, right? It's all about sourcing the originator or the creator. It takes it back to the old school analog days when you had to really search for information and there wasn't Google. I really like fun. It's mostly about having fun with pieces nowadays... I'm just doing what I want."

Fans question when the couple find the time to spend with their 2-month-old son in Barbados. But how do we know the baby wasn't with them on tour? It's hard to believe a first-time mom would leave her baby at home to go on tour with her cheating man. Oh, wait. Never mind.