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Black Twitter is not taking kindly to Tyler Perry‘s latest movie offering titled A Jazzman’s Blues.

Netflix debuted the trailer for A Jazzman’s Blues on Tuesday — and Black Twitter is fired up.

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The movie stars Joshua Boone as Jazz singer “Bayou Boy” and Solea Pfeiffer as a mixed race girl who complicates her life by passing for white.

Her mother, a bourgeoisie mulatto who is also passing, separates the starstruck lovers and delivers her distraught daughter to a white man from a rich family.

When Solea makes her way back to her roots, she is surprised to see Bayou Boy still waiting for her after all those years had passed.

“My mother, she wanted me to marry a rich man,” Solea tells Bayou Boy. “She told me if I didn’t leave with her, they were gonna kill you.”

Tyler wrote the screenplay in 1995. “I have waited a quarter of a century to tell this story and now is the perfect time and Netflix is the perfect partner.”

Judging by the reactions on Black Twitter, Tyler should have kept this one on the shelf for another quarter of a century.

For the record, actress Solea Pfeiffer was adopted by a white man and a Black woman. She claims not to know her real ethnicity.

Watch the trailer below.