Photo may have been deleted

Cardi B shared her secret to growing her natural waist length hair in a social media post on Friday.

Cardi B wears hair extensions and wigs, but she is most proud of her waist length hair which grows from her scalp.

The rapper shared her tip for growing super long hair. She explained that she boils onions in water and uses the onion water to wash her hair. The rapper said the water doesn’t smell like onions, contrary to popular opinion.

If you plan to wash your hair in boiled onion water make sure you let it cool off first.

Cardi captioned the post:

“My last 2 washes I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair. I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey. I stopped cause I got really lazy. Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair.”

She also showed off her unshaven mustache in a makeup-free selfie.

She captioned the image: “Forehead foreheading, Mustache mustaching [sic].”