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A popular Thai YouTuber is accused of stealing $55 Million USD from YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers.

Natthamon Khongchak, from Bangkok, has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and 310,000 followers on Instagram.

Natthamon, also known as Nutty the YouTuber, told her subscribers she was a forex trader who could give them excellent returns on their investments.

She invited her subscribers to deposit money into her account and promised them 25% to 30% returns on their investments.

Over 6,000 people invested their money with Natthamon.

In April, investors began complaining after not receiving payments that she had promised.

In a May 25 post on Instagram, Natthamon said she’d made a “mistake” and lost all the money in a trade, but she promised to repay her investors.

In a June 24 post, she said that she was being sued in two cases and would not be able to pay back her investors if she lost the cases or went to jail.

Phaisal Ruangrit, a lawyer representing one victim, said his client deposited $495,228 USD into Natthamon’s account.

On Sunday, the popular Thai Facebook page Drama-Addict claimed Natthamon fled Thailand and was in the wind with over $55 million of her victim’s money.

One investor offered a $27,000 USD reward for information leading to Natthamon’s arrest.