Photo may have been deleted

Aspiring rapper Quando Rondo narrowly avoided another attempt on his life on Friday.

According to reports, Quando was at a gas station across from the Beverly Center around 11:30 a.m. when a white 4 door sedan pulled alongside his Cadillac Escalade. Three people got out of the sedan and opened fire.

Rondo’s gang affiliate Lul Pablo was killed in the shooting, but Rondo was not injured. After the shooting, Rondo hopped in the driver’s seat of the Escalade and drove 2 blocks away before flagging down a sheriff’s deputy.

In this video, Rondo reacts to the death of his friend, Lul Pablo.

O’block and Black Disciples members celebrated online when they thought Rondo was dead. But Rondo’s family announced he was not injured.

Rondo’s aunt posted an update on Instagram stories on Friday: “I love everyone but please give my family time to call me,” she wrote. “You guys are clogging my line. We’re fine. Maybe I should reword it, he’s fine. I spoke with him myself.”

In a follow-up post, she wrote: “I know y’all are concerned but please stop calling me!!! Please understand I can’t talk to him [and] not none of the people I need to be talkin’ to for him if y’all keep calling!! I just kept answering because I think y’all him! Please stopppppp.”

The news comes a month after Rondo, 23, announced on Instagram that he was in a hospital fighting for his life after overdosing on lean, a concoction of prescription codeine and a soft drink.

In May 2021 someone shot at the aspiring rapper outside a Blackshear, Georgia convenience store parking lot. He was not injured.

Rondo is a marked man after he was involved in drill rapper King Von’s murder in Atlanta on November 6, 2020.

Rondo and Von were fighting outside a hookah lounge when Rondo’s associate Timothy Leeks, a.k.a. Lul Timm, shot King Von twice. Von was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Leeks is currently awaiting trial on murder charges. Rondo was not charged.

A cryptic post on social media earlier this month suggested time has run out for both Leeks and Rondo.

Photo may have been deleted

In the post, incarcerated drill rapper RondoNumbaNine (pictured upper left) shouted out King Von (right) on his birthday. RondoNumbaNine said he had the names of King Von and deceased Chicago shooter T.Roy (bottom left) tattooed on his body. He concluded his post: “That get back coming soon for em.”

“Get back” is street slang for revenge or retaliation for a past murder.

RondoNumbaNine is currently serving time in prison for the murder of Javan Boyd, a cab driver who was shot 7 times on February 22, 2014.