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Tamron Hall invited gospel singer Kim Burrell on her show to discuss the fallout from her viral “broke people” sermon back in July.

Burrell, 50, took to the pulpit and advised churchgoers not to make friends with broke people because they have a history of not paying their bills on time.

She suggested that broke people have bad character and poor judgment.

Burrell didn’t backtrack on Tamron’s show. She explained, “There’s a jargon that happens in church… a lingo, certain things we say that we fully understand.”

Burrell continued: “For those who don’t understand it, they’re gonna misinterpret what it means. I’ve been in church too long, I’ve held on to my faith too long to deliberately hurt people.”

When Hall asked Burrell how she feels about her words now, Burrell responded, “I feel the same way I felt that night. My intentions were pure.”

In unrelated news, Tamron Hall heard the criticism about her blonde hair and she reveals it was a lacefront wig. Hall says she’s done with blonde hair for good.

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