Gossip mongers are buzzing after photos showing Amber Rose hanging out with Teyana Taylor‘s husband, Iman Shumpert, over the weekend.

The photos, published on the Gossip of the City Instagram blog shows Iman and Amber sitting in the bleachers at a college football game on Saturday. They weren’t sitting next to each other, but they were close enough to spark rumors.

The news comes days after Amber complained that there are no good men in the dating pool. “Why is it so hard to find an intelligent, sexy, rich successful, tatted Gentleman that also has kids, but is NOT an abusive narcissist, and he’s definitely an atheist, but also a feminist… I’m not asking for much.”

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Iman and Teyana have an open relationship, but Teyana has made it clear that she controls who they bring into their bedroom, not Iman.

“People be surprised by how the woman initiates a lot of stuff. I’m not poly, but when everybody heard that me and my husband had threesomes before, they were like, ‘She’s willing to do that to keep a man,’ but that was all me!”


Amber Rose broke up with her baby daddy, Alexander Edwards, last year after he confided in her that he couldn’t deprive himself of his true nature to cheat.

She took him back and they were seen holding hands after having dinner for Alexander’s 36th birthday with friends in Santa Monica in September.