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Ceaser Emanuel regrets punching and kicking his dogs during a moment if anger because it cost him his livelihood.

The former “Black Ink Crew” star said the incident cost him a lot of money after VH1 fired him for abusing his animals on surveillance camera.

“I regret it 100%,” he said during an interview with Charmaine on 107.5 WGCI.

“Like, sometimes I wish I can take that night back but you can’t take nothing back. And that’s the messed up part about it because in my two seconds of anger I lost it.”

Emanuel previously denied abusing his dogs, but he confessed as part of his anger management therapy.

“Honestly, I was going through a lot,” he said. “I don’t want to make no excuses but that was during Covid, situation with my daughter just happened, my mind was going all over the place. You feel me? I didn’t know how much stuff I was going through until after this dog situation I got therapy.”

Emanuel said losing everything made him cry and question his manhood.

“And being on TV sometimes you just get caught up that you don’t really get to mend anything that you go through. So you walking around with wounds that’s just open and with you trying to be a man, say ‘men ain’t supposed to cry, men ain’t supposed to do this.'”

He added: “You not understanding you doing more damage to yourself than anything. And I feel like that moment just defined that I needed help. And that’s what I did. That sh-t shouldn’t have happened. I’m more intelligent and I’m more mature than that. And that couple seconds basically cost me a lot.”

His last sentence drew backlash from social media users who complained that he cares more about losing money than abusing his dogs.

One person wrote: “So you sorry for the opportunities you lost not for actually abusing the dogs… got it.”

Another person wrote: “Money?? Opportunities?! How abt being regretful because u caused an innocent animal trauma BOZO [sic].”

And a third person wrote, “His remorse is bout his money lost not the dog. He don’t care what he did [sic].”

Watch the video below.