Candace Owens is not being paid to advise Ye West on media relations, interviews, and bookings.

Ye, formerly Kanye West, showed up to Candace’s BLM “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” premiere in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday. The conservative political commentator has been assisting Ye since Instagram influencer Jason Lee quit as Ye’s Head of Media and Partnerships earlier this month.

Jason Davis/Getty Images

Ye’s friends claimed that the conservative political commentator is on Ye’s payroll as his advisor.

They also said Ye and Candace planned “for weeks” to wear their “White Lives Matter” T-shirts during Paris Fashion Week. However, Candace denied the claims on Thursday.

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In a statement to TMZ, Candace said the reports were false that she and Ye planned the controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirt stunt.

“It is patently false that Ye and I were ‘planning it for weeks’ as you claim in your story,” she said. “As you will recall from my interview with Tucker Carlson, I had no idea I would be wearing the T-shirt until I arrived in Paris (as a guest) to Ye’s fashion show.”

She continued: “I am grateful to have been by his side for such an iconic moment which fostered a much needed national conversation. Also patently false is the idea that I am working for Ye as an advisor or that I have made any calls on his behalf. If it isn’t yet clear, Ye has never had any problem speaking out.”